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I have an analogy I sometimes like to trot out about growth.

Growth, in my opinion, has a lot in common with childbirth: it’s painful, there’s blood, there’s screaming ... and that’s just the mom. Imagine what it feels like for the baby. They’re warm and cozy, with all their needs taken care of, then suddenly they are squeezed and moving and there are bright lights and pain and noise and it’s colder.

But in the end, of course, there’s a beautiful baby for everyone to love. So much possibility. So much joy.

The baby does not stay “lovely.” The baby throws up, has diarrhea, and cries a lot. OK, yes, the baby is cute, too. Exceedingly cute, in fact. But the baby also grows up to be a snotty toddler, then a demanding preschooler, and later a moody high-schooler, all while being interesting and silly and pedantic and stubborn and everything else.

It’s not that the child is not as valuable as when it is initially born, but that the baby grows in sometimes unlovely ways.

This website is like that.

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