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Love and Sax

3 Cubes Cool

Yes, I wrote, "sax," not "sex."

Although, in a way, I could have written "sex" and the headline would still be correct. It's just that I'm not writing about human sex, but bird sex.

You see, there's this place in New Zealand that cares for these endangered birds, the kakapo (who get credit for an interesting name, too). There are only 147 alive today.

One of the reasons why there aren't that many of them is that they aren't always in the mood to do the deed. And since the kakapo has a specific breeding season, the New Zealand Department for Conservation needed to act swiftly.

Are saxophones sexy?
William Rouse@williamrouse

So they put out an ad looking for a saxophone player.

Apparently, the effort worked! Check it out by clicking on the word "ad" in the sentence above.

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