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Loving Dragons Into Defeat

You can choose to withdraw from life. You can cut all of the toxic people out of your life. You can go watch your Netflix and play your video games and read your books and minimize your entire life so that you have very little stress and very little interaction with anyone besides your little circle.

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I make a different choice. I choose to face the bright, sharp sword of real life.

It’s not pleasant to deal with toxic people. It is stressful to choose to go out in the world and meet with the people who are doing things. But I choose to do so.

Those toxic people do not need isolation. They need love. How will they know love if no one gives it to them? Many times in my life I did not deserve love. I have been a jerk. I have been an idiot. I have been immature. I have been toxic. But people loved me anyway. I choose to send out more love than I am being given. This is the only way that love gets into the world.

The world will never love you back. The world will always be toxic. The world will always chew you up and spit you out.

It is said that children should read books about dragons, not so that they will know the dragons exist, but so that they will know the dragons can be defeated.

We all have dragons in our life. No one is exempt. But if you do not go out to love dragons into friends, then no one else will. Love the dragons. Defeat the dragons. Send out love. Yes, it is harder than withdrawing. You may enjoy your castle.

If you are looking for me, however, I’ll be out looking for dragons to love.

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