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Must Stop Pretending

Everyone pretends.  We pretend about how much we weigh, how much we like that annoying family member, and that we're better-than-average drivers.

I pretend that my health is not bad. I pretend that I am happy with my career. I pretend that I'm going to learn to like exercising.

I want to stop pretending and start doing something my husband calls, "Confronting The Brutal Truth." It's not fun. Sometimes the truth is *too* brutal. Human beings are excellent at pretending. It's too much to confront the brutal truth all the time. Its's demoralizing. No one wants to think about our short, difficult--sometimes painful--lives that end in death.

Instead we focus on nature, poetry, art, personal relationships, and electronic distractions. We pretend that we are going Somewhere, Getting Things Done, and have Achieved Meaning in our lives. Some of us really are there. The rest of us are pretending, hoping the Brutal Truth doesn't bite us in the ass anytime soon.

I read somewhere that we "get what we settle for." That's part of the pretending.

What are you willing to settle for?

What am I?

Would I get what I wanted if I fought for it?

What is the price?

Who would I be if I changed by fighting for what I want?

Would I be selfish and unpleasant? Or strong, confident, and assertive?

How would I know?

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